We Carry Mackenna...and Love Her, Too.

Guest post by Kim Honeycutt
I had the pleasure to meet this sweet couple today. I read about We Carry Kevan a few months ago and just fell in love with Kevan's story. I loved the backpack design and how they said it didn't weigh hardly anything. I thought, there's no way something could carry so much weight and not be heavy!
Well today his sweet momma and daddy drove to Erwin, Tennessee, and delivered Makenna her very own WCK Pack! These sweet souls are absolutely amazing to say the least!!! The testimony they have and shared with me today was just lovely! He showed me how everything works on it and she told me more about them and Kevan. The testimony he has and the places he's been is amazing.
God is truly doing great and mighty things in their lives and I ask you to help me pray for this ministry and donate to them as well. They donate so many of these backpacks but rely on donations to be able to do so. Or if your needing one check out his site, I guarantee it will bless your heart!
As we were leaving he asked if we could pray and had circle of prayer. Oh my heart, just don't have the words for how blessed I am to have met these lovelys.
Oh by the way, Makenna loves it!!!!! I will use this a lot, super easy to get in and out.