Our Mission

We want to help those with disabilities achieve more freedom, access, and joy in life. We are redefining accessibility as a cooperative effort, something we can achieve when we work together.

“The message is for the disabled community as well as able-bodied. We need each other to make it happen. If we are creative and courageous enough to give it a try, then the world becomes accessible.”
- Kevan Chandler

Our Values & Goals

We believe in the inherent value of all people.

When we work together, we can redefine what accessibility means, both for people with disabilities and their families, friends, and communities.

We believe in families, caregivers, friends, volunteers, prayer warriors, donors, sponsors, and the many people that help make We Carry Kevan a global community of love and support.


Good stewardship

Responsibly stewarding our time, money, and energy to inspire and equip the disabled community, investing in people to foster a legacy.


Building community

Operating with compassion to understand and encourage the dignity of individuals with disabilities and their support systems, acknowledging everyone's unique potential.


Imagining more

Courageously pursuing new ideas and answers to enhance the mobility of individuals with disabilities and their communities.