Special Announcement from Kevan!

Remember that time the guys carried me in a backpack on the Great Wall? In the summer of 2018, we spent three weeks exploring China, experiencing everything from endless mountain ranges to sprawling cities, to elite academies to care centers for kids with disabilities. The whole trip was amazing, but it was this last setting that changed my life forever. Not only did we love being with the staff and children, but I also found an unexpected friend in one of the women working there. Katie grew up in small-town, Illinois, and had spent most of her adult life working in China for nonprofit organizations. While we visited the care centers for a week, she was put in charge of “hosting us” (aka: keeping our team out of trouble!), and well... we hit it off! From the start, I fell in love with her deep joy and how well she loved the people around her, whether that was the kids or staff, old friends or strangers on the street (who quickly became new friends every time).

After keeping in touch for the next 10 months, and getting to know each other better as friends, I finally took the leap (a year ago today) and asked this sweet Katie if she’d like to go out to dinner with me “next time we’re in the same country.” She said yes, and two months later, on the anniversary of when we first met, we found ourselves splitting fish ‘n’ chips on Bondi Beach in Australia! Isn’t it amazing, how God works?! We are both so thankful for the wondrous story He has written, and is still writing, to bring us together! I recently(ish) asked Katie another question—a question I actually knew last summer I wanted to ask her, though I’d opted for dinner. This February, in my parents’ sunroom, I asked Katie to marry me. And she said yes again!

The past few months have been a wild ride, and God has been so good to us through all that’s going on in the world. He’s given us the opportunity to live in quarantine with other families this summer so that Katie and I could be together while having help for my caregiving and accountability to stay pure before marriage. Though this season has had its challenges for us, as it has for everyone, it has been a rich time, and we are so thankful to be together through it all.

Our plan is to have a small wedding this September, though we do keep a weather eye on the world as it continues to wrangle with covid. We love doing life together, and can’t wait for the day (soon to come!) when that life is one completely. Whether we’re quoting You’ve Got Mail, going for walks, spending time with friends, making new ones, or sharing guacamole, I can truly say everything is better with my sweet Katie by my side. She is my delight, and I can’t wait for you to meet and see for yourself just how absolutely wonderful she is.


Kevan Chandler

Founder of We Carry Kevan